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Federated Credential Manager (FedCM)

  User tracking for digital marketing can violate user privacy on the web. Now that browser vendors are looking to implement methods to stop user tracking, we must ensure these methods do not clobber other frameworks which protect privacy such as Single SignOn through the UK federation, SAML and OpenID Connect.  Problems and mitigations  Digital […]

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Learning and collaboration depend on trust

Providing seamless access to digital services is a critical part of the IT team’s role in higher education (HE) and further education (FE). When a lecturer struggles to access wifi on a remote campus, or a student can’t work out how to access digital course materials quickly, the result is a barrier to learning and […]

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How secure is your access management?

You wouldn’t serve someone alcohol without appropriate ID. Nor would you buy a car without airbags, or leave your phone unlocked in a busy pub. Federated access is the equivalent safety check for students and staff accessing your online resources. So if you’re not using federated access, how secure is your access management set-up?   This post answers this question and […]

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Three easy ways to ensure your corporate data is protected

Online security has never been so important, and protecting corporate data from rising numbers of cyberattacks should be the top priority of every organisation – whether that’s universities, colleges, government or not-for-profit organisations.   Keeping web and email services secure   One way to boost your cyber security is through digital certificates. They help keep your web and […]